Thursday, November 21, 2013

More Bad News

For those of us who STILL have our healthcare plans, don't hold your breath. A new report shows that the employer mandate is going to force between 50 - 100 MILLION people off of their employers health plans when it takes effect next year.

Maybe that's why Obama decided to give employers an extra year to ramp-up for ObamaCare. He's been giving exemptions to all of his cronies - including Congress.

Mince no words, the latest report information is valid and there is another tidal wave heading YOUR way on canceled insurance policies. The whole goal of ObamaCare is to force everyone into the government plan (referred to as the "Single payer system.") That goal is identical with the idea of the Trojan Horse. Make it look good on the outside and then let the negative surprises inside allow the government to gain full control over 1/6th of the economy AND your health care treatments - or NO TREATMENTS!

Demand that this farce stop now before it completely damages our entire healthcare system.


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