Saturday, November 23, 2013

We're Past the 1/2 Way Point

The Founding Fathers understood that the most feared thing for a Republic would be an all-powerful central government - just like we have today. Ironic, but we are no longer functioning as a republic. Quite frankly, our President doesn't even follow the law of the land. Look at all the scandals he's had in his 5+ years in office! That's ironic, because he taught college students about the Constitution. Now he skids around Congress by writing executive directives that accomplish what he can't get them to pass legislatively. He IGNORES the Constitution on a regular basis. He SPIES on his own citizens. He punishes his political enemies by using the IRS to get even. There's nothing in the Constitution that gives him those powers. Obama has simply taken them. And why not? No one in Congress has bothered to challenge his take-overs! There are NO MORE checks and balances as there once was.

The Democrats pass legislation like ObamaCare without reading it. Now that its law, they are finding-out that it is destroying the fabric of America's medical system. It allows the government to expand and control over 1/6th of the economy and more important - YOUR healthcare. That's a huge step towards becoming a totalitarian state. (The true goal of the Progressive).

People who are not fearful of this take-over are blind to the fact that we are following the same path of several other fallen nations. When this generation of seniors dies-off, there will be no one to shout-out about the injustices and loss of freedoms. ObamaCare will help silence these Seniors by denying them timely medical care or deny them treatment altogether. Its all so logically cynical, but goes unnoticed.

This will be the true demise of a once GREAT country.

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