Monday, November 18, 2013

What It Really Means

The Word Game
Ever notice how Democrats always change their names when people get on to them? They start off as "Democrats." Democrats are Liberals. Liberals are Progressives. Progressives are Statists. A Statist is someone who believes that the State (or government) should control the economic and social policies of your country. Statism "protects" its people via totalitarianism. This includes  using the military, the police, and the court system (if any) to procure their powers over you. A "Statist" is the nice word for "MARXIST." (That word is tarnished and so is "Statist" so they call themselves something else to distract you from what they REALLY ARE!) They use "nice" words like Progressive so you don't catch-on and see through the smoke and mirrors used to deceive you into giving up your freedoms and your liberties.

Progressives have been busy here in the USA for over 100 years. They are encouraging counterrevolution slowly because they know that open revolution would create strong resistance. Consequently, they work in small increments over time. Progressives are patient. They have been slowly chipping away at YOUR liberties for over 100 years. Progressives have infiltrated all walks of life and are busy pursuing their goal for the "Common Good." They are striving to create a Utopian state.

History shows that this type of government always fails. They ignore history when it doesn't favor their agenda. Progressives have a huge appetite for control. They prove it by their actions today in using Political Correctness to destroy American traditions. They also achieve goals by ignoring the laws of the land by forcing their "regulations" on you and your behavior. And recently Progressives take-over of YOUR healthcare to control who gets care, and who doesn't.

Progressives don't like the Constitution very much because it talks about inalienable rights given by God. They believe that there is only one God, the STATE or the "Collective."Everything is for the Common Good.  Your freedoms are not "natural." It's the State who gives you your "freedoms" and privileges.

That's why they attack Christianity. Christians founded America. The fewer people who believe in God the better. So over time they attack us on all fronts. They use what some call "soft tyranny" to achieve their ways. Sadly, Americans are not paying much attention and have lost much freedom under the guise of Big Government. It continues at an increase rate of speed.

We either wake up soon, or face the repeat of history. Continue on this path and America WILL collapse and become a totalitarian state. Not a happy ending for those who believe in the Constitution and God-given freedoms.

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