Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Polls Show

The public's opposition to ObamaCare is growing. This is illustrated by more and more polls which indicate Obama's job approval rating is tanking. More and more people have decided that he committed fraud with his "bait and switch" act in order to pass the government take-over of YOUR healthcare.

Here are some examples;

  • Washington Post - ABC Poll: Obama's job approval rating = 42% while his DISAPPROVAL = 55%
  • FOX News Poll: 50% said that Obama knowingly lied when he said you could keep your health plans

It seems that the Independents who were "wowed" by Obama five years ago have now changed their minds. The majority of them have decided that Obama is a LIAR and cannot be trusted. His actions speak louder than his false words.

Can Obama renew his lost credibility? We hope not. No one likes a liar - especially when they lie to deceive and trick you to get what THEY WANT! We deserve better in the White House. We want INTEGRITY - not the CRAP being dolled-out by this guy!

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