Saturday, December 21, 2013

Send Cracker Barrel a Letter

Strange, but after the announcement that Cracker Barrel is pulling all of Phil Robertson's products off their shelves, the Cracker Barrel website would NOT accept complaints. So instead, you can send them a letter. We took the time to locate the Chief Execuitive Officer (CEO) of Cracker Barrel and her mailing address;

Sandra B. Cochran
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
305 Hartman Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087

We're sure she would LOVE to hear from you!!

Here's a sample of what we sent:

Dear Ms Cochran,

As frequent customers of Cracker Barrel my wife & I are quite disappointed that you have chosen sides with the "politically correct thought police." Your pulling products of Phil Robertson indicates that you have joined those who are attacking Mr. Robertson's freedom of religion and freedom to voice his personal opinion. Instead your actions support those who want to mute, denigrate, and disgrace Mr. Robertson.

Sad that this country is so split that religion is under attack - unless it's the Muslim religion. It's more sad that Cracker Barrel has unfortunately joined the STUPID side of this situation. Until you change your policies, you have just lost two valuable and once loyal customers. We shall be dining at Bob Evans and other fine establishments that have NOT joined these blatant attacks against free speech and freedom of religion.

(Incidentally, whether by accident or otherwise, your website would NOT allow me to publish this complaint. Perhaps this was a deliberate attempt on your part to STOP those people whom you have OFFENDED by YOUR ACTIONS).

Merry Christmas,

Your name here

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