Friday, December 20, 2013

When Will This Be Challenged?

Yesterday Obama "lifted" the December mandate for ObamaCare. He postponed it for one more year. This is the 14th time he has intervened into the law without consulting Congress. Remember, Congress writes the laws and Obama is merely supposed to implement them after signing them into law. He has no constitutional authority to modify, delete, or re-write ANY law that Congress passes. He is abusing the office of the President by assuming dictatorial powers.

Obama is getting desperate because the law isn't selling too well - especially with people under age 30. This explains why Obama keeps putting band aids on the Affordable Care Act by ILLEGALLY deciding which parts to implement and which to postpone. Obama keeps - on delaying implementation of the parts of the law that don't work as he expects, or that don't do what HE wants. The reality is that no one outside of the White House really knows what's going on or the TRUE numbers of sign-ups. Their transparency is so dense, it's like a black hole.

It's becoming obvious that the Obama administration is VIOLATING the law of the land. When will someone have the GUTS to challenge him and hold him accountable for abusing his powers and his oath to the Constitution?

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