Sunday, February 16, 2014

Civil Disobedience

The state lawmakers in Connecticut decided after the Newton shooting to take drastic measures. So they wrote legislation that requires all firearm owners with so-called "assault weapons" to register their firearms. Their information would be put into a database and be shared with all law enforcement agencies.

The law was passed and the deadline for gun owners to register has passed. The state recorded about 48,000 firearms. The only problem is that they estimate that there are about 150,000 of these firearms in Connecticut. That means that there are approximately 100,000+ newly created felons in the state of Connecticut, all with the stroke of a pen.

Lawmakers are flabbergasted! They cannot believe that citizens deliberately disobeyed a law that was meant to protect them (just kidding). Apparently, Connecticut lawmakers don't read history books. If they did they would realize that gun registration took place in Germany in 1933 when Adolf Hitler became Chancellor. The following year, the NAZI government confiscated all registered firearms. In other words, gun registration is the first step to gun confiscation. It's rather obvious that COnnecticut citizens understand these consequences and would rather become "felons" by NOT obeying a law that take-away their RIGHT to bear arms.

New York state also had something similar happen. Their state lawmakers decided to BAN what they call "assault weapons." So they passed "The Safe Act." However lawmakers there apparently wrote their ban based on the appearance of what they think assault weapons look like.

So gun manufacturers and gun dealers created a New York compliant version of the AR-15. It has a modified stock and does not have a pistol grip which was banned by the law. In New York, "assault weapons" are defined as any semi-automatic rifle that accepts a magazine and has any of a list of ten features, ranging from a pistol-like grip to a flash suppressor and a bayonet mount.

The new version of the AR-15 does NOT have any of these things and thus, is New York compliant. Governor Cuomo is PISSED!

However the Safe Act ALSO forces law-abiding owners of the dreaded "assault Weapon" to register their rifles. Only time will tell to see if New Yorkers are also going to become disobedient in conforming to gun registration.

Let's hope that the citizens don't comply. If they don't push-back they too will loose their right to bear arms.

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