Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Don't Look Now…

Have you ever heard of "data analytics?" You'd better! There are numerous data analytics companies springing up all over the place. They used to be called "Efficiency Experts" but now with new technology, they are data analysts. (Don't you just love euphemisms?) Their job, to mine information about how YOUR work. These companies are developing multiple methods to track your work, your habits, your styles, your breaks, your lunch, your everyday work experience. Gee, this sounds something like the NSA now doesn't it?

Reason for this surreptitious intrusion? They want to improve YOUR productivity! Nothing cynical there! However, they can also use what they find to FIRE YOU! Most employees are ignorantly unaware that these activities are going on and being used against them. These methods track everything from how often you interact with your supervisor to how long it takes you to arrive at the office!

Some of their techniques involves installing sensors that are placed inside of office furniture, inside cubicles, and in various parts of the office building to track YOUR activities without YOUR knowledge. Advocates of this say that this is especially helpful where there are cultural clashes in places like company acquisitions or similar cross-cultural situations.

Most employees are clueless about this corporate SPYING. They may know that their emails are filtered and that their Internet is blocked and monitored, but they are IGNORANT of these other activities.

Companies using these tracking methods brag of a 7% improvement in their employees efficiency! This includes the companies hiring policies. (Hint: your long commute may NOT get you hired or could get you fired). Bank of America has used these services widely!

So let the employee beware. Those who work, must now face a new threat. Just more stress in the workplace. Deal with it!

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