Monday, February 17, 2014

Winning Strategies

Let's face it, the GOP has picked too many losers to run for President. They are consistent and keep on giving us candidates who are Progressives or RINOs and who are NOT Conservatives. That's why they will continue to loose to the Democrats.

When the Democrats selected Barack Hussein Obama to run for President, they chose a man who is half white and half black. They called him the first "BLACK" president when he was elected. That's half-right. If you oppose him, you are designated as a "RACIST." His policies, lack of managerial experience, associations with Marxists and Communists meant little. Anyone who opposed a "Black" man was discredited.

The Republicans need to learn from this lesson and use the Democratic strategy against them. What the GOP should do is to promote and nominate Doctor Benjamin Carson as their candidate. Carson is a true Conservative who garners the support of the Tea Party. He's a self-made man who has achieved true success in America. He sets a good example to the black community that the American dream is achievable if you try hard.

Anyone who opposes Carson would be called a "RACIST." What a novel idea.

However, the Republican Elites are too stupid and too stubborn to promote a real Conservative. They are too entrenched into maintaining their own position in office. They will NEVER LEARN.

The Tea Party must oppose ALL GOP incumbents who have been in office more than 2 terms. They need to oppose all of these people in the primaries in order to flush-out the Good-Old-Boys stuck in Washington, DC. John Boehner is a great example of a RINO that MUST be dumped in the midterms.

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