Friday, February 21, 2014

How To Pass the Keystone Pipeline

We have all witnessed how Obama has usurped more presidential powers than is allowed legally by the US Constitution. EXAMPLE: He has changed, modified, deleted, delayed the Affordable Care Act 28 times without Congressional approvals.

Note: Article 2 of the Constitution spells-out the duties of the president. There is nothing stated that would allow the president to make-up his own laws without Congress. Yet, this is exactly what Obama is doing.

Hey Congress! Hello? Anyone home? If Obama can by-pass Congress, why not turn the tables? Why not pass the Keystone Pipeline WITHOUT OBAMA? This would create more jobs for Americans and help diminish our reliance on Arab oil.

Think about it. If Obama can do it - so can CONGRESS! He ignores you everyday. Give it back to him! The ends JUSTIFY the means. Deliver the message to Obama, because he needs to hear it!

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