Friday, August 7, 2009

3 New Private Jets for Congress

Do you remember back in November last year when Congress had Congressional hearings for the automobile manufacturers? Sure you do!! Congress had all three CEOs from Chrysler, Ford and GM lined up at the same table, under oath, and testifying about the state of their respective companies.

The CEOs were all asking for government bailouts to save the auto industry. Do you remember the humiliation, embarrassment and insult they all suffered when asked how they got to the meetings?

Congress and the main stream media blasted these officials regarding their hypocrisy of asking for hand outs while flying there in private corporate jets. The dishonor of it all. How brazen and utterly shameless of them to do so. They were all forced to go home and sell these planes.

So after firing one CEO, Congress played the nice guys and gave the bailout money. It turned out that the car companies actually came back asking for even more money to avoid bankruptcy. So Congress (like fools) gave them more money and two of the three companies failed and were taken over by the Federal Government. So much for the bailouts!

Old news you say. Well how about this? Congress just voted for themselves the purchase of three Gulstream jets (G550s) at a cost of just shy of 200 Million dollars. That's $200,000,000!

Congress explained that these expensive planes are going to be used exclusively by Congress. However, they fudged the expenditure as Military aircraft to make it seem like the Air Force need the planes.

Now who are the hypocrites! America, don't stand for this behavior. We elected these people and now they think they can do whatever they want - including fly around in private jets. Why can't they use commercial airlines like we do? HUH?

Action To Take
America, where is your voice on this? Where is your outrage? Speak out loudly and let government officials know they are also hypocrites for doing so. Tell them to repeal this legislation because we don't need the planes and they can travel using commercial airlines like we have to do.

Call them, write them, email them, and go to town hall meetings. Ask questions and get the answers to your specific questions. BE CIVIL!!

Congress's new motto: "Don't do as I do, do as I say."


  1. Update:
    I just read in the Wall Street Journal that "Congress plans to buy eight new jets, at a cost of $500 million, to help accommodate growing travel demand by congressional officials. WSJ's Brody Mullins reports."

    Call your senators and tell them to vote "NO" on this legislation.
    I guess they plan on more travel than first estimated.

  2. When I saw the first reports of this, I thought it was a joke. It takes brass nuts to thumb your nose at your constituents like this.

  3. Right on Nick!

    These "jugheads" think is OK to waste money on themselves at the expense of the deficit and taxpayers grandchildren who will have to pay for them!

    It's only a 1/2 BILLION dollars! (Not to mention the expense of routine maintenance on these aircraft!)

  4. I have a hard time understanding the cost of the three G550’s. Currently the aviation industry is HURTING for business, and there are some great deals to be had if you are a buyer with capital in place. More so if you order three brand new aircraft. Two years ago, when business was great you could get a copy for $60m, not anymore.

    This is a SLAP in the face, and people should be upset at this type of spending.

    My heart does go out to all the people in the aviation industry who have been “displaced”. Cessna has laid off north of 8,000 people, more then ½ their workforce. All OEM’s have had to let people go, as private jets are no longer fashionable due to Congresses actions against the "Big Three". Single handedly they destroyed an industry over night. Thanks guys, but this attempt to "stimulate" the industry is an insult.