Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hold Onto Your Wallets

As a candidate, Obama promised voters (if he was elected) that he would not to raise taxes on middle class Americans. There's an old saying that a promise is a wish to a fool. Guess who got fooled again America?

White House adviser Larry Summers says that Obama cannot assure that he will stick to his campaign pledge regarding taxes.


That's a nice way of saying too bad Americans, you are going to pay for our mistakes. A great strategy to use after the government (Congress) spent way too much during a recession and then force us to pay for it. That's real sound economic policy, and it does not assure any mutual trust.

To corroborate, the same message was delivered by TAX CHEAT (Treasury Secretary) Timothy Geithner on TV over the weekend. You remember Tim, he's the guy who didn't pay his taxes and was "excused" by Obama when Geithner was being confirmed into the position that oversees the IRS! Obama said that Tim's oversight to pay taxes was an "honest mistake". (If you recall, several of Obama’s appointees did NOT pay their taxes. Were they also honest mistakes?) Who are we kidding here? If you avoid paying your taxes you'd end up in JAIL! They're both hypocrites!!

Geithner says that the key to sustaining the economic recovery is to "lower the deficit". That's the same deficit that Congress just increased to record breaking highs, based on Geithner's recommendations (among others). Consequently Geithner is NOT ruling out tax increases to help lower the deficits that they just gave us! Incompetents! Bungling IDIOTS! You're the ones who put us there!!!

He also said "the White House wants a health care bill that has broad support on Capitol Hill". But he said the decision of whether "to help shape this and be part of it" is up to lawmakers. "Or do they want this country . . . to go another several decades without doing what every other serious [Socialistic] country has done. Which is to give their citizens access to basic quality of care".

So let's get this straight Tim, are you suggesting that we pay for the government healthcare, lowering the deficits, or both?

Geithner also said on TV "Everybody understands that we cannot have our financial system go back to the practices that brought this economy to the brink of collapse," and "It is going to take fundamental reform."

Keep in mind that Geithner and Ben Bernanke want increased powers over the Federal Reserve Bank and over Wall Street in general. How can we trust these guys? Bernanke refuses to allow an audit on the Federal Reserve Bank. What's he trying to hide?

Demand Accountability
Stop this government expansion and grab for more power! Audit the Federal Reserve Bank. What about our gold supply at Fort Knox? Do we still have any gold? We need to find out! Do not allow the government more control over the financial industry than they have already grabbed. And, after auditing the Federal Reserve, abolish the Federal Reserve Bank instead!


  1. When you quote someone, you don't get to insert your own words. Inserting the word [Socialistic] changes, rather than clarifies, the meaning of the sentence. That's called SPIN.

    But I do agree with you that we need to get control of government spending, and insist on more transparency about how our taxes are spent.

  2. Nick,
    Guilty! I get so disgusted with what's happening that I did add my personal slant to Geithner's quote. I can't stand that man and personally believe he is an enemy of this country.

    He's dishonest and our President put him in charge of the US Treasury!!! That's CRAZY!

  3. I have to agree that putting Timmy in the position he's in, after his history of tax evasion, wasn't in the best interest of the country.