Thursday, August 6, 2009

Attention All Seniors...

Former Presidential candidate Fred Thompson has a radio talk show. He interviewed DR. Betsy McCaughey former New York Lieutenant Governor. She is now SENIOR FELLOW, HUDSON INSTITUTE and Chairman to Reduce Infectious Diseases.

1st Interview
In this eight minute interview, Betsy highlights the hidden truths about Obama's healthcare plan and how it severely impacts all senior citizens.

If you are a senior, or have parents who are seniors, please take eight (8) minutes of your time to listen to this interview:

Fred Thompson Show

2nd Interview
This interview is 28 minutes long. I especially like the part where Dr. McCaughey describes "Death Counseling" which is a requirement for all seniors in HB3200. That's a FACT! It is mandatory to discuss with seniors the issues of dying and death so they won't be a burden on their families.

Jay Severin Radio Show (28 minutes)
Aired on 7/21/09, on 96.9 FM in Boston.

Jay is a former Republican Party political consultant, who describes himself as a libertarian conservative, constitutionalist, or radical independent.

In this interview, Jay interviews Dr. Betsy McCaughey, and gets more details and information regarding the government healthcare.

Action To Take
Phone your Senators and tell them to vote a resounding "NO" on government health care.

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