Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tea Parties, What Tea Parties?

Our "unbiased", non-liberal slanted, fair and objective news media is reporting incorrect numbers again when it comes to attendance at Tea Parties.

Columbus, Ohio media reported a crowd of about 300 at the Tea Party on August 1, 2009. According to Judge Napolitano who was a speaker in Columbus the crowd was between 8,500 and 10,000. He verified these numbers with the local police who were there for crowd control.

Off hand, I'd say that the police had a more accurate estimate of the crowd since they had no political agenda. This is just one more example of how YOU CANNOT TRUST the media.

If the media reports something that is not to their political liking, they lie and misrepresent the truth. Better yet, they just don't report on it like it never happened. Did you see a lot of coverage about his on your local channels?

What Really Happened
Here are two examples of Tea Parties that occurred in August, 2009. They were either ignored or not accurately reported.

Action to Take
Stop putting up with this behavior! Boycott newspapers and TV stations who do this. Don't buy paid advertising in either media. Your purchase is your vote. Stop purchasing to let them know you are fed up with their political opinions presented as factual reporting. Stop watching news stations that do this too!

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