Thursday, October 8, 2009

Czars Have Unchecked Powers

Democrats are beginning to question the roles of the record 18 of the 32 Czars appointed to these positions by the Obama administration without any Congressional vetting or approval. This may be a violation of the Constitution. They ignore the US Senate and bypass the confirmation process. In order to maintain the system of checks and balances, the United States Senate has the power to interview and allow/disallow these appointees into office. This power is designated in the Constitution. Does anyone care? You’d better!

Eight positions are in federal agencies that testify regularly before Congress. The Czars don’t have to talk to Congress. Four more and in the National Security Council and have no authority to advise the President, but they do. Another four advise him on Health, Energy and Environment, Urban Affairs, and Domestic Violence.

These new positions outrank and supersede several government positions. Several Czars can make government policy but they have no obligation to submit to congressional questioning. Why is this? This has NEVER been done like this before. George Bush had 16 so-called Czars but they had no direct input to the President and few if any had powers to do much of anything. This is not the case with Obama’s Czars and in all probability, they are unconstitutional. However, there is no official government title of Czar so Obama has nicknamed them “advisers” instead. It needs to be challenged. What do you think?

Action To Take
Call your representatives and let them know you support Congressional approvals on these “Czars.”

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