Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Congress is doing it again. They are in a big hurry to FIX the CRISIS. They cannot find enough money to pay for their government entitlement healthcare. Besides taking $500,000,000 Billion dollars away from Medicare, they can’t pay for their plan.

Now they have a new approach. Let the individual states pay for it. OK, where will they get the money during this recession? Most, if not all will have to raise taxes to pay for it. This is called the government mandate approach. Nice Huh? Congress passes the law, and the states have to worry about complying with the law and they will have to find the money for it. What happens if they don’t? How can they force us to do it if we don’t want it?

In addition, the DEMs have excluded all limitations that would impact ILLEGALS because they want them to have government healthcare. The DEMs also have refused specific language that would restrict ABORTIONS.

Now there are plans to re-introduce the government option. All of these ideas are bad and unfair because this is just a re-distribution of America’s healthcare. It takes from the old to give to the young.

Our system is NOT IN CRISIS!

Action To Take
Contact your representatives and tell them you don’t want government healthcare. FIX Medicare and add tort reform. (DEMs receive millions from lawyers in special interest donations so they don't want tort reform).

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