Friday, October 9, 2009

Shock and Awe

Americans woke up today to hear that their new President had just won the Nobel Peace Prize. Huh? You’re kidding – right? That’s got to be a mistake right? For what? A promise? What has Obama done besides apologize to world leaders? How did he achieve this award?

No really, ask yourself, what has Obama done in his nine months to win such a prestigious award on the world scene?
  • Has he brought Iran down and stopped them from creating nuclear weapons? No

  • Has he ended the fighting in Afghanistan and brought about a peaceful result. No

  • Has he resolved the Palestinian/Israeli conflict? No.

  • Has he stopped North Korea from their nuclear weapon development? No- nothing.

Why he can’t even create jobs for his fellow Americans. His Stimulus plan is a disaster, unless you’re a union or special interest group.

This is truly an amazing feat. Obama wins for Promising hope to the world for world peace. What a bunch of hooey!

Well, the best way to view this is that they also gave a Nobel prize to Al Gore for his efforts to promote the political “theory” on global warming.

Global Embarassment

This “award” is truly a global embarrassment for everyone. He has earned it for doing NOTHING. This dillutes the meaning of this award and makes it meaningless. Shame on Sweden for their stupidity. Sweden, you have lost your world credibility!

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