Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time for a Change

We have both the President and Vice President both blathering to the press that the Stimulus is working wonderfully. It’s performing better than expected by their account. Well if that’s the case, then why are so many Americans out of work?

Current statistics indicate that it touches one in six Americans on a personal level. What the administration doesn’t say is that we are continually loosing jobs at an alarming rate. Small businesses are folding and closing down, and more and more people are on the street jobless. They also forget to mention that American companies are sending more jobs out of the country by “outsourcing” work to countries where labor is cheaper.

What the Administration never says is that there is an unreported number of unemployed who have stopped looking for work because they are depressed and discouraged. They are waiting for their unemployment to run out. And then what? Other unreported jobless have exhausted their unemployment insurance and are not accounted any longer. The real estimates for joblessness is in the range nationally, at just over 17%.

Some say that this is a jobless recovery. Whatever you want to call it, more and more Americans are paying the price for Obama’s Stimulus plan. The recovery may be working, but it’s still to hard to tell.

One thing for sure the Stimulus plan, as promised, has not lived up to expectations. We were promised more jobs. So far the only jobs are in new government administration positions to cover things like the Cash for Clunkers joke.

In a recent trip to the metropolitan Boston area, we could see that the Stimulus money was temporarily working to re-pave most roadways in and around the Boston area. However, the bridges in the area should have received the attention because they are in severe need of repair. So much for priorities. At least some geographical areas have seen some benefits. This is nice for the seasonal construction workers. However, the Stimulus money really hasn’t created new jobs here either! Unemployment is floating around 10% in Boston.

What Does All This Mean?
It means that the Stimulus didn’t create jobs. We are loosing them faster than ever before. It does not help the small businessman and does not help the unemployed get new work. It’s time to re-think the strategy. Construction work is seasonal and those jobs will be gone soon. We should save the unspent $400 Billion and use it for JOB CREATION!

Action To Take
Call or write your representatives and the white House. Tell them to stop spending money and start by cutting off the remaining Stimulus package.

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