Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Long Before America is Ruined?

We wanted change and we got it. We elected the man who said “we have five days before we transform America.

How do you like the transformation so far?

  • Obama has federalized the banks of America. The government controls them. The government tells banks what to do and how to do it. It even tells them how much they can pay employees.

  • Obama has taken control of the automobile companies. Instead of letting them go through bankruptcy, he let Tim Geithner allow the Unions to take partial ownership at the expense of the stock and bond holders. Does this sound like America or the Soviet Union?

  • Obama took control of the large insurance companies. Now they are government controlled.

  • Obama took control over 40 % of American home mortgages. Now the government owns almost half of the mortgaged homes in the US.

  • Obama had to pass the Stimulus bill to stop unemployment from reaching 8.5%. Now it is estimated to be well over 17% and climbing.

  • Obama signed the Omnibus bill with record deficits and thousands of pork projects for entitlements and special interest groups. NO REAL JOBS WERE CREATED, as originally promised.

  • Our national debt is now unsustainable and yet the Democratic Congress is thinking of a second Stimulus package and they are going bananas on jamming healthcare down your throats.

  • Obama has appointed 32 Czars that are not accountable to Congress – just to him. Their powers supersedes existing government positions.

  • Small businesses are shutting down. Our borders are still open to illegals. Congress does not listen to their constituents. The Constitution is being IGNORED.
Free enterprise is dead. The US dollar is shrinking. The price of gold is over $1049 per once. The world wants to drop the dollar as its currency. The war in Afghanistan is getting worse. We are still in Iraq. Iran will have nuclear weapons in a SHORT time.

When Will We Wake Up?

America, are you still happy? Are you still working? Can you find a job? Where are the jobs going? Do we still have any manufacturing base left in this country?

America is being transformed. Is this what you REALLY wanted? Wake up before you loose all your freedoms. This isn’t the America we wanted – or IS IT Comrade?

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