Friday, October 16, 2009

Don’t Be Fooled

Seniors are being offered a Social Security payment of $250 per person for 2009 by Obama because the formula used to calculate COLA (cost of living) payments does not allow any for this year or next. So the administration is trying to pay-off seniors by more deficit spending in order to get their support back on ObamaCare. This is nothing more than a ruse by Obama. It’s also damn sneaky and cunning.

This bribe would cost US taxpayers an additional $13 Billion dollars that the government would either have to borrow or tax us in order to pay for it. It also sets a precedent. This payout is NOT part of the Social Security legislation, but a whole new tax on people. What’s to say it won’t be used for something else later? Gee, that sounds logical doesn’t it? Dig the hole $13 Billion dollars deeper. What the hell, the taxpayers can pay for it.

Americans, this is nothing more than the government trying to “suck-up” to senior citizens that they are stealing $500 Billion dollars from in order to pay for ObamaCare. It’s that simple. A quid pro quo. We Screw YOU and we get to pay for our government healthcare program. Wow, that sounds fair doesn’t it?

Who Wins?
Do the math. The government spends $13 Billion and then takes $500 Billion away. That leaves the government ahead by $487 Billion to help pay for ObamaCare. Seniors have already paid into Medicare and expect to receive these benefits. It is not only unfair, but cruel and unusual punishment to take this away from those who need it the most in the later years of their lives. That’s a redistribution of HEALTH and WEALTH. Taking away care and giving it to those who are uninsured or ILLEGAL is not humane! Do you support this logic? Do you have parents that are alive and retired?

Don’t let Congress redistribute senior's healthcare benefits.

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