Saturday, October 17, 2009

Congress and Your Medical Care

Ironic isn’t it. Members of the US Congress are determining YOUR medical care for the foreseeable future. Think about that for a second. Ask yourself, How are they qualified to make ANY decisions regarding your heath care? They aren’t! Their approval rating tell us that!

They tell us that US healthcare is in crisis and that we need to fix it. But stop and ask yourself, Is it really in crisis? Answer: NO. They have told you that it is in crisis. DO you believe Congress? Do you believe the President? Who do you trust with your healthcare. Answer: Your Doctor!

Since it’s in a crisis that justifies them not letting us read the legislation before they vote on it. They have already voted on an amendment that would give taxpayers 72 hours to read the bill before the vote. The DEMs pooh poohed that quickly. That’s because they don’t want us to know what is in the legislation.

Strange isn’t it that the “crisis” is so severe that the actual plan does not take effect until after 2012. Why is that? Well first, it starts by collecting your money and giving no actual benefits for a few years to help pay for the underestimated REAL costs. Second, 2012 is the year of the next Presidential election. Obama wants to be re-elected and it’s important to wait for the bill to start until after this election. That way people will not know the real effects of the plan until it’s too late to re-consider the election and how to vote. SMART huh?

There are ways of correcting the problems in our existing system. However, Congress and the President want to take over healthcare and make it just another government agency under their control. YIKES!

Don’t let this happen America.

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