Sunday, October 11, 2009

ObamaCare Fair?

Stop and take a REAL look at what government healthcare is really doing. It is re-distributing coverage. It is taking coverage away from Medicare (-$500,000,000) to help pay for the uninsured, abortions, and Illegals.

Liberals/Progressives (let’s call them all “Statists” for short) always point out things that are “unfair” or “mean spirited.” Well they are all hypocrites and they know it! They are being unfair and mean spirited towards Seniors. Think about it… In order to pay for the new plan they are going to take money away from seniors (the ones who need coverage the most) in order to give it to these who need it the least. Does that sound fair to you?

Is There a Crisis?
In a word - No, there us NOT a crisis in healthcare. Over 2/3 of the population are satisfied with what they have and how it works. Not we are told that we need to fix what’s NOT broke in order to make Statists happy. Why is this? Has anybody bothered to ask?

Deaf to Solutions
Instead of listening to the public, Statists want their agenda passed. They ignore the idea of adding Tort reform because lawyers represent a large block of special interest groups that donate millions to Statists. Consequently, this idea is bad because it hurts the people who helped get the Statists elected. It gives NO consideration to the people who actually voted!

Instead of making insurance more competitive, Statists oppose letting you buy health insurance across state lines. Why? It would make it easier to satisfy those who don’t buy insurance because it would be cheaper by being more competitive. Statists don’t want you to be in charge of your life. Statists want to be in control of YOUR life instead!

Pull The Plug on Grandma
In effect, the Statists are literally sacrificing “Grandma” to promote their agenda. Remember, they know what’s best for ALL of us. They promote their agenda because it is for the good of the State – NOT YOU! Your liberties are melting away a little at a time.

Action To Take

If you don’t believe in these Statist ideas, you need to stand up and speak for yourself before it is TOO late.

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