Monday, October 12, 2009

Use Common Sense

Because of the direction and speed the current administration is moving, this article contains thoughts on several issues regarding proposed legislation, government policies, and current government actions. Americans should consider each and support these positions:
  • It is dangerous to yield unilateral power to ANY branch of the government. Enforce a system of checks-and-balances. Do not approve any legislation that gives the US Treasury (or any government agency) power to seize private companies because the "government" deems it necessary for the "sake of the economy" or for any reason. That is Fascism and it is a direct attack on AMERICA's Constitutional freedoms!

  • Do not sanction any legislation that eliminates or replaces the US dollar for a "new global currency". Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner made public remarks supporting this idea and caused the American dollar to devaluate more than 1.5 %. He still maintains these beliefs and must be stopped. Please uphold your vows of office and protect our Constitution, the dollar, and our country.

  • Do not okay ANY MORE government bailouts of insurance companies, banks, auto companies, or any other privately held companies other than the ones already receiving them. If newspapers ask for bailouts, do not give them any. This amounts to the federalization of these institutions and is totally against American tradition, American values, and capitalism as we know it. If businesses fail, they fail! Saving them is Socialism! We are NOT a socialistic country. However, now it's apparent that the President can fire the CEO's of these companies and provide car warranties. What law provides these powers? The government has no business doing this or determining individual salaries either. This is outrageous! There is nothing wrong with filing Chapter 11 to resolve these issues! The Federal government has no right to run ANY business. It is unconstitutional.

  • Do not authorize any new legislation regarding "assault weapons" or any new anti-gun legislation, including new laws regarding ammunition/or shotguns. The Attorney General, Eric Holder, has indicated that he is willing to do so. He wants to ignore the recent US Supreme Court case that ruled in favor of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment has had enough attacks. Leave it alone. Lawful gun owners all agree that the government should enforce the existing laws and not create any new anti-gun laws. Instead, introduce legislation that makes all states concealed weapons (CCW) permits reciprocal with one another, including law enforcement agents. A license to carry should be valid in ALL states.

  • Do not endorse any legislation that proposes a Cap-and-Trade system for carbon emissions. Global Warming is still NOT a proven concept. A significant number of credible scientists do not believe in this theory. It is still just a theory! Cap-and-Trade will only cause an increase in energy costs at a time when most people cannot afford it.

  • Back-up the First Amendment and stop any movements regarding the "Fairness Doctrine" or any proposed legislation that restricts free speech whatever it is called. This includes any suggested legislation from the new FCC Czar. Defend our individual rights provided in the Constitution and fight for them when they are aggressively attacked by politicians who want to abolish them. Strike-down the Mc Cain-Feingold Law.

  • Halt the questionable spending designated for universal health care. It discriminates AGAINST Seniors. We cannot afford it and there are other better solutions. California, Canada and the UK have already proven that this system of government controlled medicine does not work in favor of those who pay into it. It is extremely costly, gives unfair coverage, and it includes coverage for non-American citizens. Why pay for people who are here illegally? In addition, Congressional health care should be identical to what all US citizens have available. What's good for us, should be good for you! Get on board.

  • Support all efforts to secure our national borders. This can be in the form of fences, walls, National Guard patrols, electronic surveillance, land mines, or other means. We must stop the infiltration of Illegal Aliens (of all nationalities) - period! The virtual "fence" is a joke and hasn't worked to stop illegal entries.

  • Do not give-up our National Sovereignty to the leaders of the United Nations by agreeing to their Global Initiatives - including a new global currency. Most UN countries are lead by despots and dictators who want to bring-down (or control) the US and have their own agenda to do so. Also, the United Nations should find a new place to meet. We've hosted it for 65 years and done our share. Perhaps France, Germany, Russia, or China would like to provide the venue (and cost) instead of the US.

  • Illegal Aliens need to be identified and registered as such. After which, they need to formally be required to become American citizens and learn to read, write, and speak English. Lock-up criminal Illegal Aliens or deport them. They should not be set free to be able to commit additional crimes against US citizens.

  • Propose legislation to withhold government funding to "sanctuary cities" (like San Francisco and Boston) that make Illegal Aliens welcome. If these cities refuse to obey Federal Immigration Laws, they should not benefit by receiving Federal assistance.

  • We do not need a National Service Program. Vote "NO" on the Generations Invigorated Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Act. We don't need another "Peace Corps" or the wasteful bureaucracy to run it.

  • The Green Bank Act 2009 is a also waste of taxpayer's money. Vote "NO" on this new proposed legislation. Stop defending unions and any legislation that makes unionizing easier like Card Check (the Employee Free Choice Act). Unions have destroyed our auto manufacturers and now taken a large ownership of these companies. That's un-American! Do not allow unions to expand their existing powers, they have done enough harm to the economy. Instead, why not fire the Union leaders too?

  • It is irresponsible to vote for any legislation without taking the time to read it and understand the terms and limitations of the new law. This behavior is dangerous and leads to misappropriated funding and wasteful, unnecessary spending on earmarks. NEVER support any legislation that you do not have time to read. Would you sign you Last Will and Testament without reading it?

  • We have term limits for the office of the President. We should enact term limits for Congressmen and Senators. Congressional term limits should be a maximum of two consecutive terms (maximum 8 years). No grandfathering clauses. The Senate term limit should be a maximum of 12 years (two consecutive terms). Also eliminate Congressional pensions. Thank you for serving, now it's time to move on.

  • Propose new income tax legislation. Abolish all current tax codes. Establish a flat tax of 10 to 12 percent. Everyone pays and there are no deductions. This is simple and fair for everyone - no exceptions allowed. Jail and fine anyone who "forgets" or neglects to pay their taxes - including/especially any government officials.

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