Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Bills – Forget the Troops

Both the House and the Senate have been working on new healthcare bills. Both are trying to make the legislation a little more palatable for Americans to accept. Current polls continue to indicate that the majority of us don’t want the government to take over our healthcare.

The President has made speech after speech all over the country trying to gather political support of ObamaCare. They haven’t had much effect.

The top issues for Americans are the deficit and jobs. In spite of this both the Congress and the President keep on ignoring the message from the citizens of this country. Why is this? Why is ObamaCare still their number one priority?

In February they JAMMED the Stimulus down our throats with promises that unemployment would not reach 8.5%. Currently, national unemployment is reaching 10%. It is expected to continue going higher by all estimates.

After seeing the Stimulus in action, it is apparent that it DID NOT create jobs – except in the new government agencies that it had to create in order to implement the Stimulus! That was rather self-serving! It DID however, send lots of money to special interests who have benefited the most from the Stimulus. It did NOT CREATE ANY JOBS.

The Stimulus and Omnibus bill (and other bailouts) have added seriously to the national deficit. Both Congress and Obama have and continued to ignore the fact that the deficit as is - remains unsustainable! Yet they both continue spending as if nothing happened. They are destroying the US dollar and don't give a care!

Americans, we were deceived by Congress AND the President.

ObamaCare is even more important than American troops in Afghanistan. Day after day Obama procrastinates making any decision to send more troops – ignoring McChrystal’s requests. Why is this? American troops are dying every day. Obama waffles and procrastinates. Let’s face it, Obama is a spineless wimp! He cannot make the tough decisions. He is NOT a leader, he is nothing more than a community organizer.

Who stands to gain the most from ObamaCare? Why has Congress and Obama made this more important than our troops and OUR NATIONAL DEFENSE? WHY? Is this a deliberate attempt to weaken America for attacks? What is the REAL plan here?

Action To Take
Phone or email the White House. Let them know you are disgusted with the President’s inaction to help our troops. Tell them we want jobs and have Congress STOP SPENDING.

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