Friday, October 23, 2009

White House Continues Attacks on Free Speech

In case you haven’t noticed, the White House is not ashamed for trying to attack the 1st Amendment. Recall they tried to get citizens to squeal on other Americans if they had opposing views to the President.

Their latest movement is to direct the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to level the playing field on the Internet. They can’t come out and say they want the Fairness Doctrine reenacted because they know that won’t fly with Americans. Instead, Obama’s administration realizes that in order to take full command, they must control the media, the airwaves, AND the Internet.

So far they have done a fairly good job on the media. Most main stream media companies do not criticize President Obama and have little or few negative comments on his administration. Hence, we see open attacks on Fox News and its affiliates. That’s because Fox is the only network that openly criticizes the President and points out to Americans that he has surrounded himself with radicals and Marxists. Obama is trying to deflect attention away from this and his failings at being a Commander and Chief of our armies in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as, his weak attempts to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Further, it focuses Americas attention away from ObamaCare at a critical time on Congress.

In order to divert attention away from the air waves and the Internet, this administration hired a lot of Czars who report to Obama only. They were never properly vetted and have come on board to promote Obama’s agenda with little or no oversight.

Now we see the FCC Czar going after the Internet. The FCC wants to control the Internet “during emergencies” defined by the government. They also want to impose the equivalent of the Fairness Doctrine on the Internet. This would eliminate blogs like this one and take full control over the content you see on Twitter and Facebook.

If you love your freedoms, especially free speech, we cannot allow the government to censor the Internet. Use your voice and let everyone know you are not in favor of these regulations. China censors the Internet because it is a totalitarian state. Is this what we are becoming?

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