Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nixifying the White House

Senator Lamar Alexander [R] TN has accused the Obama administration of preparing an enemies list and bullying. Recall that this strategy was used by President Richard Nixon. Also recall that Nixon was forced to resign as President because of his abuse of powers – including the Watergate brake in and the use of the enemies list.

A few of Alexander’s examples to substantiate his accusations included the following:
  • Marginalizing the US Chamber of Commerce

  • Taking names of bondholders who resisted GM and Chrysler takeovers

  • Insurers attacked as the bad guys

  • Gag orders on Insurers

  • Threatening Banks and lenders
What he left out of this list, was the government website that requested names and emails from those who gave “Misinformation” on ObamaCare. In addition, it has also been reported that the White House is both tracking and recording all government/Obama related “chatter” recorded on FaceBook and Twitter.

Alexander also claims that the enemies list extends to Congress as well. Senator Bob Bennett questioned the use of Czars and Senator Jon Kyl was ostracized after publically saying that the Stimulus plan was not working. Both were “called out” on the White House blog.

Time will tell if these accusations are based on reality. Those affected are the ones who need to pay attention.

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