Sunday, October 18, 2009

Congress Won’t Stop Spending

Actually, why should they? It’s not their money. They don’t have to be accountable for earning it. They just spend, spend, and spend. It’s kind of an artificial world that they live in unlike ours. Instead, we work, work, work, so we can pay taxes.

When we tell our representatives (both DEMs and GOPs) that we disagree with their policies and how we feel about issues that oppose their views, they call us names. All this because we do NOT agree with their policies.

Here’s how it works. Statists (often called Liberals or Progressives) believe that they are always right. Consequently, they always know what’s good for us. It never occurs to them that they are actually working for us. Thus, you can NEVER disagree with them because that’s the wrong answer – ALWAYS. We are too stupid to know what’s best for us – but they do.

Weird, but you can argue with facts and when they are confronted with them, they ignore them and change the subject. Or they start Name calling. Or they say that the discussion is over and its time to move forward. Or that there is a crisis and we have to act now. Or that we have some inherent disorder rendering us mentally incapable of thinking rationally.

Strange, but they actually believe that they are always right (talk about disorders!) and that there are no other opinions out there – especially if they come from anything that looks or sounds like a conservative point of view. The Statists are always hypocrites. They have double standards that apply in favor of them on ANY topic they like and want to promote, but just the opposite if they don’t. They ignore logic, facts and the truth. They believe in the common good for the welfare of the state. They believe in the first amendment (free speech) as long as it doesn’t “offend” anyone, including a single (one) person. If it does, they attack you. They criticize and condemn conservative ideas and beliefs and try to discredit, isolate, humiliate, minimize, belittle, and demean you.

Eaxmple 1: You do not support gay marriage for whatever reason – so they label you a “homophobe.” They disparage you. It sounds like a mental disease. Who are they to make this decision? How can you argue with that? So you REALLY cannot have a meaningful discussion because they will never comprehend what you have to say. Their minds are always closed to conservative principles. They’re not listening because they don’t like what they are hearing and close it out. They have a mental block towards conservative ideas.

Example 2: You disagree on government controlled healthcare legislation. You are accused of being a “Racist” because Obama is half African American. Huh? What gives them to the right to render this decision? Where is the proof to substantiate this accusation? You argue that Congress is NOT qualified to make medical decisions regarding your health and we should ask doctors to inject their ideas because they are the experts. This is totally rejected until Obama stages a bunch of people in the Rose Garden wearing white lab coats and they just happen to all “agree” with ObamaCare. They must believe we are stupid.

Example 3: You join a Tea Party rally. You are labeled an “Extremist” or “Tea Bag Terrorist”. When 100,000 people show up in Washington, DC only FOX News is there to cover the story. Mainstream media doesn’t even cover these events. It’s not news? It’s unimportant? It must be, they don’t cite any information on it.

You let Congress know in Town Meetings across America that you are upset and want them to listen to you. You march in Washington to illustrate that THEY are out of control. You tell them to stop the deficit spending because it’s making the US deficit unsustainable. What does Congress do? They continue to work on the bills that THEY want to pass and that you have to pay for along with the next two or three generations of Americans.

So what this all boils down to is that if you disagree with the Statist, you’re the one who’s crazy and should not be considered sane or your opinion should never be considered valid. The Statists haven’t figured out that they are destroying our way of life and devaluing the US dollar in the world wide markets. They don’t care! They are always RIGHT.

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