Monday, October 19, 2009

Obama Says Pot is OK

President Obama gave directives today to stop enforcing Federal laws pertaining to marijuana sale, use and possession in at least 14 states, (probably all).

Question: How can he do this? He has NO authority under the US Constitution to supersede an existing law. How does he think that he can? He believes it’s a “waste of time “ to do so. Humm… so, this sort of ignores that there must also be some illegal activities performed in order to get the pot here right? So he’s condoning that too?

Since he was an admitted drug user when he was younger he is now advocating that it is OK to do so in VIOLATION of Federal laws. Wow, the leader of the US is saying that it’s OK to violate the laws of the land!

What’s Next?
What would happen if the President issued a directive that he was banning all guns in the US? Would this law be enforceable? Hardly! He has no authority to do so. It would be horrific to see what might happen if he tried to enforce that directive.

Note: Don’t think that this cannot happen in America. It ALREADY DID! This happened in the state of Louisiana during hurricane Katrina. The governor ordered federal troops to confiscate all firearms from legal gun owners leaving the defenseless against looters. The troops violated the US Constitution and blindly followed orders and did so. The guns were NEVER rightly returned to lawful owners!

Wake Up America
Your liberties are being gobbled up one at a time. Slowly but surely, freedom is disappearing in America. Before you know it, America will be a totalitarian state if you let it happen.

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