Monday, March 28, 2011

Is It Too Late?

Here is my response to a person who wrote to me about the futility of the position that Americans seem to be in. Please read it and hopefully, you too will agree that America is to Great to loose.

Unfortunately, unless those people stand-up and demand positive changes, this country is doomed for failure. I see it and so do many other Americans. The corruption in our government is disgusting (both parties). Unfortunately, this is OUR fault for allowing it to happen! We have all been too complacent over the years and allowed this cancer to get where it is today. We keep electing the same politicians over and over. We have taken for granted our freedoms and looked the other way far too long. Now we are at a tipping point and may never be able to look back. This is a critical time in American history. Why don't people see it? It's so clear!

America was the last bastion of freedom in the world since its inception and now it is slowly being replaced by God knows what. Whatever is coming is evil. I can feel it in my heart and soul. The insidious attack from within is (slowly over time) having its effect. I do believe that evil is winning. This is sad, because freedom is so priceless. Our Founding Fathers were correct when they wondered if we could maintain a Republic. Current trends seem to say we cannot.

Once freedom is gone, people will realize too late what they had. In a couple of generations, they will never have any awareness because the Progressives will re-write all history. They will continue to poison the minds of our youth into believing their propaganda. When our generation is gone, no one will remember what REAL freedom is or was.

Some of the younger generation IS aware of the corruption and immorality that prevails in today's society. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a perfect person. However, I do have a deep personal code of what is right and wrong. I do still have a good strong sense of morality and take personal pride in it. People no longer feel a sense of shame or morality. They also place little value in human life. Greed and entitlements are the new rage of the day. This is so sad to see the demise of a once proud civilization.

This sounds corny, but I enjoy saying the Pledge of Allegiance and I do love the flag of the United States. I always have. I learned at an early age to respect the flag and what it represents. The flag stirs deep emotions in me when I think about all those who have sacrificed their lives for it. I wonder what I can do to save it. So I write a blog each day hoping that somehow this will help make a small difference in saving it. I can only hope that good will overcome evil. I pray that it will."

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