Sunday, March 27, 2011

Violation #2

As of Today
American forces attacking Libya are now being led and directed by a Canadian three star general named Charles Bouchard. He is now in charge of American air attacks in Libya. This change of command officially took place today.

What About the Constitution?
The Constitution? What's that? Obama doesn't know or doesn't care. It is against the US Constitution to place a foreign leader or general in charge of American troops. However, that's exactly where we are today! Isn't it time we rein-in this out-of-control President? If he doesn't know the law of the land, we need to tell him. If he does know the law of the land, we need to cut him down to size - immediately. This guy is out-of-control.

Action To Take
Tomorrow Congress is back in Washington from their Spring Break. Get on the phone or email your representatives that you won't stand for the President of the United States violating the Constitution any time he pleases. Demand that Congress begin Impeachment proceedings immediately!

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