Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let the Goverment Shut-Down

Continuing Resolution
Why is Congress forced into passing a new Continuing Resolution every two or three weeks? Thank the Democratic political party. While having full control over the US Congress, the Democrats failed to pass a budget. Who's fault was that? Instead, they floated temporary spending measures that allowed Obama to spend like a drunken sailor for as long as he wanted - as much as he wanted. They placed no restrictions on the President. Now they want to continue without a budget indefinitely.

Who Got Us Here? In the first two plus years of the Obama administration, who spent us into oblivion? The Democrats (alias the Progressives). The record proves the allegation beyond doubt. The facts don't lie. Politicians do! Now that we have accumulated enormous debt, the Progressives want to take no responsibility for it or do anything about it. Instead, they are still playing politics with America's future. They refuse to make ANY SIGNIFICANT CUTS!

Ugly Politics
A recent phone conversation overheard by reporters of Senator Charles Schumer (D, NY) illustrated that the Progressives are still playing games while America is going bankrupt. They continue to play dirty tricks and ignore that the country is in the toilet (where they put us), yet, THEY ALWAYS KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR US. Americans are getting tired of the same old - same old BS!

Action To Take Let Congress know that you have had enough. Let Congress know that your are paying attention. Tell Congress to let the government shut-down - except for essential services. Tell Congress NOT to vote yet again for a another Continuing Resolution to expand the national debt. Tell Congress that you want a balanced budget amendment instead. Tell Congress that while the government is shut-down that they should NOT receive a pay check because they don't deserve one!

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