Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Political Games

So Where Are the Promised Jobs
Do you really think that the economy is getting better? Seriously, really? How many people do you know who are out-of-work? How many people who are out of work have been out of work for well over a year or two? Do you believe the government unemployment numbers?

Two years ago we were told by Obama that it was imperative to pass the Stimulus to save America. Has that happened yet? Where are the new jobs he promised? (China and India got them!)

To make matters worse, we are now in a third war in a Muslim country. Our national deficit is over $14 TRILLION dollars and climbing every day that Congress passes a Continuing Resolution.

Just what the Hell is going on?

Lights On, Nobody Home
Didn't we send a message to Congress last November? Weren't we telling them that the spending had to STOP?

It's clear that Obama never heard that message as exemplified by his latest proposed $3.7 TRILLION dollar budget proposal (all borrowed monies). Are you still believing we have a leader in charge? Does he care or is he just STUPID?

It's not just Obama who's not getting the message either. The DEMs (alias - Progressives) are refusing to make ANY serious cuts anywhere. The GOPs are right behind them! They are speaking in $BILLIONS - NOT $TRILLIONS.

Meanwhile Gravity is Working
While Congress is busy playing the same old stupid games, America is falling down fast. This week China just surpassed the USA as the world's largest manufacturer. Gee, what a surprise after we sent all our jobs to China, India, and Mexico. What did you expect? Do you believe that this is helping strengthen our economy? Quite the contrary.

Closing The Government Down
The clowns in Congress are figuring out how to blame the other guys for shutting-down the government. Fine! Shut it down. Stop pointing fingers and shut it down. Keep the essential services going. Pay our bills with what is coming in.

Send all other government employees home without paychecks for a few months-including Congress. Let all government employees get a taste of what we have been dealing with for over two years. We can save ZILLIONS!

The Answers
Congress shouldn't re-start the government until they pass a balanced budget amendment. They should also have a REAL budget and no more Continuing Resolutions. Congress should NOT RAISE THE DEBT CEILING.

Do that and quit playing games with our lives. until then, STOP PLAYING GAMES!

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