Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do the Ends Justify the Means?

Bin Laden Is Dead
That is a good thing. He was a mass murderer. He killed innocent US citizens. Good riddance.

So How Much Power Does He have?
Obama decided to go to war in Libya without Congressional approval. That was a violation of the US Constitution. And yet, no one in Congress made him accountable. Now Obama is killing people in foreign countries because HE decides where and when to do so. Has Obama overstepped his granted authority once again?

Do Two Wrongs Make It Right?
Granted, Bin Laden was a dirt bag but does his extermination justify how we did it? I'm not condoning or defending Bin Laden. It's good that he's dead. America needed justice for the 911 attacks. This helps.

However, we need to look at the overall picture of Obama's actions. Unless we are in a "declared" war with Pakistan, Obama broke the law. Obama's actions are ILLEGAL! He broke four treaties, three Federal statutes and an executive order. It also violates basic American values, the rule of law, and the US Constitution.

So here we all are celebrating. WHY?

Look at Obama's actions. The laws allow the President to capture and charge someone - NOT KILL THEM! Only kings and dictators kill whomever they want under the guise of "safety." It's a fact that Obama violated the law in order to get (and kill) Bin Laden. If the President thinks he can kill on his own volition, what else can we expect from him? Where does it stop?

Proof? Who Needs It?
Now he refuses to provide photographic evidence of his actions and the results of the international raid that used American military to violate Pakistani sovereignty. We cannot withhold evidence from him, so how can he withhold evidence from American citizens? Obama has ILLEGALLY entered a war in Libya without the consent of Congress. His advisory team gives the American public conflicting reasons for HIS actions. We are told he ordered the killing of the Libyan air force to "save lives." Next he ordered the bombing of the Libyan government to "help the rebels oust Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi."

Now he's responsible for killing Libyan children! His administration has announced that "we like the rebels better than al-Gaddafi." Wikileaks informs us that some of the Libyan rebels are former detainees of Gitmo, as well as known terrorists, and mercenaries! Obama's latest decision is to send money (several million dollars) to the rebels as "non -lethal aid" with no one's approval.

Ironically, this administration is prosecuting a man for aiding a terrorist. Isn't that what Obama's doing now? Is Obama above the law? Hasn't he abused his powers once again? When will someone have the guts to challenge his authority and abuses?

Where is Congress?
Our government is based on checks and balances. The President should comply with international treaties, and our own Constitution. Why isn't Congress stopping him and making him obey the laws - just like the rest of us?

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