Saturday, May 7, 2011

Guest Article - Evil Personified

Obama Walks Away from 9/11 Family Member...
by Emily Esfahani Smith - The

"Debra Burlingame, who lost her pilot brother on 9/11 when his plane crashed into the Pentagon, had a reportedly chilly exchange with President Barack Obama today. During a meeting with a select group of 9/11 families, Obama greeted Burlingame and even hugged her after a few pleasantries.

But when Burlingame asked about Eric Holder’s plan to file criminal charges against CIA interrogators, Obama’s friendly manner allegedly stiffened.

Burlingame asked Obama if he would voice his opinion to Holder on the matter of the investigation of the CIA interrogators. She said, "I know that as a former attorney … you can’t tell the AG what to do in an investigation, but these [the interrogators] are unsung heroes….and they have been exonerated in two justice department investigations. But that didn’t satisfy Eric Holder….Would you, in light of what’s happened, speak to him about standing them [the investigating prosecutors] down?"

Obama allegedly responded that Burlingame is right, that he cannot tell Holder how to conduct his investigation. Burlingame jumped in, saying, yes but “You can give him your opinion, will you do that?”

Obama said, "No I won’t." And then he allegedly turned and walked away.

Burlingame suggested, “You can do it privately.”

Obama allegedly responded, "No.""

So Let's Get This Straight
The people who used enhanced interrogation techniques to get the information that helped lead to Bin Laden's whereabouts, are being "investigated" and possibly prosecuted by Eric Holder (Attorney General) and Obama refuses to stop this activity. He wants it to continue and refuses to direct Holder to quit.

Who's side is President Obama on?
Don't you wonder who's side Obama is REALLY on? He wants to continue investigating and possible prosecuting the people that helped get Bin Laden? Does this make ANY sense to you at all? Obama takes all the credit for KILLING Bin Laden but refuses to help stop the prosecution of the ones who got the information? WHAT THE HELL is Obama DOING HERE?

Can we trust Obama? Why won't he defend the people who helped get America's number one enemy?

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