Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't Loose Sight

Short Memory
America, don't be guilty of having a short memory. Yes, Bin Laden is dead. That's all the Left-Wing media has been talking about since announced on Sunday. Yes, this has helped Obama. However, we shouldn't forget that there are other important things on the agenda. Americans are already forgetting that we should get rid of ObamaCare for a variety of reasons. This should be a high priority, but we are getting distracted by the latest news.

First and Foremost
The number one priority of our Congress should be focusing on the issue of the debt ceiling. Rumours around Washington, DC say that the GOP leadership is seriously thinking about caving-in AGAIN and allowing Obama to get his wish for more borrowing.

We cannot allow this to happen. Why not? This is irresponsible. If you like the standard of living we all share in America, you'd better start caring about the debt ceiling! If we continue raising the debt ceiling, we are literally selling our country and putting it in an irreversible direction of decline. Our economy will collapse and we will never be the same "home of the free and the brave." We will become a third-rate country. Believe it, this can happen if we ignore uncontrolled government spending and excessive borrowing.

Do Something!
Don't just sit there any longer. You need to become vocal. Let your reps know that you do not want them to raise the debt ceiling unless we get a balanced budget amendment. Also, if you belong to a political party, re-register yourself as an Independent. Stop giving political donations to the party you just left.

Start supporting Tea Party candidates. Volunteer your time and money to help them get elected instead of the same old politician incumbents. We need to literally "FLUSH" DC of all the incumbents who are NOT serious about cutting spending and stop borrowing. Don't just say you will do something - DO IT!

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