Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here's a Thought

Tired yet Of the $100 Fill-ups?
As gasoline prices to climb to over $5.00 per gallon, what has Obama done to help us out? Well, let's see...

  • Obama banned deep well drilling in the Gulf of Mexico - but OKayed it for Brazil to deep drill.

  • He also gave Petrobras [Brazil oil company] 3 BILLION dollars to do so they can sell-back what they drill to the USA.

  • He won't allow ANY new oil exploration in Alaska (ANWR-Artic National Wildlife Refuge).

  • He refuses to build new coal plants to generate power because HE HATES COAL.

  • Obama won't drill for natural gas - even though America has enough natural gas to last the USA 100 years!

  • He's allowed the EPA to "regulate" carbon which raises all your energy costs.

  • He's allowed Timothy Geithner (US Treasury Secretary) to borrow outrageous sums of money.

  • Obama encourages Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke to continue buying America's debt and printing money - causing serious INFLATION and devaluation of the dollar.

Well, isn't that Special? (Church Lady - Saturday Night Live)

Those Policies Don't Work
Some would argue that Obama is incompetent. Maybe. What we do know is that the cost of filling up is getting downright prohibitive for American families. We are spending more and more on gas and less and less on life's necessities. Quite a paradox. Can't drive to work unless you fill up, but can't buy food and clothes if you do! This of course, assumes that you're lucky enough to be working!

You would think that after a while, Obama would "get it." Well, maybe he does but just doesn't care. He's just hired another commission to look into the problem. Yeah, that should make voters think he's doing something!

Try This...
We still give farmers subsidies. Why? Why does the Federal government decide what a farmer can and cannot plant and grow on their land? They try to regulate prices. Instead of creating a "false" market, why not try something different for a change?

If oil is going for $116 per barrel, then start charging $116 a bushel for corn, wheat and any farm product that we sell abroad. If oil goes up - so do our exported food prices. If oil prices go down - likewise our exported food prices also go down. Simple.

We also need to get back to the gold standard. So far, two states (Utah and North Carolina) are entertaining this idea big time. Try backing up the currency with something of REAL value - like gold instead a a "promise" from Ben Bernanke and Tim Geither.

Try it, you'll like it!

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