Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Texas Law Proposed

TSA Take Notice
Finally, there's a new Texas legislature bill would make TSA (Transportation and Security Administration - a division of Homeland Security) groping a felony! The bill would make it illegal for any security officer to intentionally touch someones genitals (even with clothes on), unless they have a probable cause that the person is carrying a weapon or something illegal!

It's about time someone somewhere got some guts and did the right thing to stop these illegal search and seizure tactics used buy TSA at our airports under the guise of "security." Hopefully, this new law will also include CHILD MOLESTATION as well!

How Much Freedom to Give Up
Does the new TSA "screening" procedure really make air travel safer? Seriously, what are the statistics? Do we have any documented proof that these invasive procedures have been effective in preventing a terrorist attack?

The answer is "NO." These security procedures have NOT prevented any attacks. So why do we still permit them? Good question.

Action To Take
Let your reps in Congress know that you want them to support a similar effort to block TSA from using these invasive techniques any longer. It just isn't right to sacrifice freedom for an unjustified and ILLEGAL seach in a public airport!

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