Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Obama Lies

Obama Campaigns on Our Border
Obama gave a great political speech about all the good work he has done to build a wall on the border and protect America by adding more soldiers than ever before. Unfortunately, he removed them shortly after he sent them. AND, he also forgot to mention that he ordered the construction of a border fence to be halted because it saved money. He also pushed hard (again) for passage of the Dream Act which gives AMNESTY to young ILLEGALS.

Why All the Fuss?
Obama makes speeches that are full of lies. He claimed that our oil production is higher now than before he took office. If you check government stats, this was untruthful. Gasoline prices are 37% higher in the last year because he refuses to halt the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. But what he neglects to say is that he gave Brazil $2 Billion dollars so they can drill in deep water. He has deliberately, blocked restarting drilling in the Gulf, but his administration has allowed foreign countries to begin drilling there! The oil they find on our shores, we will buy. Incredible!

Obama wants to create a new tax on your automobiles. He wants to tax the miles you drive regardless if you have a green car or not. All this during a deep recession.

Obama's Policies Are Not Working
Obama promised that HIS Stimulus would not let unemployment go over 8%. It topped out at over 10.2% and is now floating around 9%. He also promised new jobs and we have HIGH unemployment continuing. He has allowed the Federal Reserve Bank to de-value our money causing serious inflation that Americans feel at the grocery store, at the gas station, and while buying clothes. He has the nerve to tell us that things are getting better, but we see reality and it's not pretty. It's just the opposite of what he says. Sadly, he doesn't care!

Don't Listen To HIS BS
Obama is already in campaign mode. He's actively trying to raise $1 Billion dollars for his next campaign. He's going around giving speeches that are full of plain BS. Don't believe the lies any more. Listen to what he says, and then verify with the facts. Obama is full of bologna and is feeding it to you if you believe him. Trust only after you verify!

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