Thursday, May 12, 2011

Want To Cut Wasteful Govt Spending?

Start Here...
Sell the US Post Office. That's right. Sell the US Post Office to the highest bidder. Make them compete with private industry. The US Post Office is the second largest employer in the USA next to WalMart! They employ over 300,000 people! The Post Office is a perfect example of government inefficiency. The government cannot deliver the mail as well as Fed Ex or UPS!

But Wait...
Hey wait a minute. The Constitution mandates that Congress establish the Post Office. It's the law of the land. Yes, that's true and it is a reason why the Constitution should either be amended or a bill passed keeping the Post Office and privatizing it! Look at their record.

Quick Summary
The Post Office was necessary in the 1700s because mail was the only means of communication other than word of mouth! Over time the Post Office grew and prospered as the nation did for generations. In the beginning, the Post Office was self-sustaining! It actually made a profit. Imagine that.

In 1840, the cost of the mail was determined by weight and distance. For example, a 1 ounce letter from New York city delivered to Boston cost 14 cents and took 5 days to get there.

In the 1850s a private entrepreneur created a mail delivery company that competed directly with the Post Office. At the time, the Post Office only delivered to the local Post. The new company actually delivered mail to your house! So what did the government Post Office do to compete? It lowered prices. Even though it cost 14 cents to deliver a letter, they lowered the price to 3 cents! This scheme worked for a while but failed over time. So then what did Congress do? They made it ILLEGAL for the private company to exist! However, they continued to only charge 3 cents per letter. This brainy idea caused them to run in the red for many years.

Then in 1913, the Progressives passed the Federal Income tax law. Wahla! The Post Office had a new means to keep afloat by using taxpayer dollars to subsidize their losses! This methodology kept up through the 1960s. The 5 cent stamp of that time has now risen to 44 cents. It still isn't enough. So, Congress has to bailout the Post Office by giving them more and more money each time they mismanage their business.

This past week the Post Office informed Congress that they used over $2 billion dollars in 3 months and will be broke AGAIN by September when they will have exhausted their annual budget which should have lasted until December.

What's more interesting is the fact that the Post Office has never re-paid the money that they have "borrowed" from the taxpayers. They Never generate a profit or wealth. No, instead, they keep "borrowing." They are a true example of how government runs a business!

Why Hasn't Congress Dumped Them?
Simply because the 300,000 employees are also voters! They also belong to the government union that has quite nice pensions and retirement benefits. (Another reason why government unions are a BAD idea).

Who Do You Count On?
Ask yourself this question: If you must use an over night service, do you use the Post Office or depend on FED EX or UPS?

Action To Take
Save the government endless BILLIONS of dollars. Sell the Post Office tomorrow! Stop the bleeding of taxpayer dollars that are wasted over and over by this monstrous institution. Let competition improve the product. If it fails - it fails! No more colossal bailouts.

Ask Congress why they won't do this. Perhaps because it makes too much sense!

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