Friday, May 13, 2011

Right To Work Act

Obama Is Pro Union
Let's face reality, Obama is in bed with all labor unions. They donated MILLIONS of dollars to his presidential campaign and will do so again in 2012. When Obama took over the auto industry, he "negotiated" so that the Unions became 1/3 owners of Government Motors (GM) and Chrysler. Meanwhile shareholders settled of 10 cents on the dollar. Union workers kept their jobs and gained partial control over their employers. Gee, that was a fair deal huh?

Now Obama is telling private business (Boeing) where they can't open a factory. He's trying to stop them from opening a new factory in South Carolina because they DO NOT FORCE WORKERS TO JOIN UNIONS! THIS IS STILL A FREE COUNTRY! The government has no business telling it's citizens where they can and can't open and run a business.

National Right To Work Act
The National Right to Work Act will change this lop-sided union/government arrangement. Each year, labor unions siphon-off over $8 BILLION dollars from workers paychecks. These workers are FORCED into joining the union or loose their jobs. Some choice. This by the way, also applies to teachers unions. The National Education Association (NEA) just endorsed Obama for 2012 and "asked" members to donate and support Obama! For years unions have weaseled money from their memberships and then used the money to elect their favorite candidates who are pro Union! Hence, protecting their power over and over again. This incestuous relationship has got to stop. (Recall the damage it has caused in Wisconsin).

National Right To Work Committee
The National Right to Work Committee has been fighting unions for over 50 years. They need your support to halt union abuses. Their goal is to mobilize 14 million Americans to stand up for freedom of choice in the work place and support the National Right To Work Act legislation. This will NOT force workers to join unions. Their goal is to:
  • Mobilize 14 Americans to sign the Work To Right Petition.

  • Run newspaper ads and launch Internet campaigns to support this cause.

  • Run TV and radio commercials

  • Inform favorable columnists and talk show hosts to help change public opinion.

Action To Take
Visit the Site. Follow the link and electronically sign the petition to get lawmakers on YOUR side. Make a donation to help stop big labor from their corruption. Any amount helps. It all adds up.

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