Sunday, May 8, 2011

Corruption at the Highest

Closed Shop
The nation's largest union (National Education Association [NEA]) is "asking" their members to support the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama as President of the USA. Asking is actually a big joke! What they don't mention is the fact that the union will donate millions of dollars that they forcibly collect from members despite their wishes. So if you do not want to vote for Obama, that's going to remain a secret. However, even if you don't vote for Obama, the union will use YOUR union dues to donate to his campaign anyway!

How can this be? Well, teachers are unfortunately, part of what is known as a "closed shop" union. This means that if you are employed by a school district that has a teacher's union, you MUST join as a condition of employment. You have no choice, you MUST become a union member and pay local, state, and national dues. You really have no say in what the union does with those dues. It's left up to the leadership to decide. Nice Huh?

Is This Fair?
We all know that Obama is in bed with the nation's unions. He makes no bones about it. So is it fair to the union membership to be forced to pay dues that are used to support political candidates that they do NOT want to back? The answer is "NO." That's coercion!

Why should a teacher be forced to join a union in the first place? Shouldn't they have the choice whether to join or not? Is it constitutional to do this? How is it that unions have this power to literally force people to pay them dues and then use that money anyway they want? Shouldn't teachers have a choice whether to join a union or not?

How Does This Happen
Unions "negotiate" teacher's contracts. These contracts stipulate the teacher's working conditions, salaries, class sizes, fringe benefits, and yes, these contracts state that all teachers have to join and pay dues as a condition of employment. So this "benefit" isn't for the teachers, it's for the UNIONS!

Do you honestly believe that unions would ever consider removing this part of their "negotiated" contract? Hardly, because it gives them unilateral powers over their new members! It also raises BILLIONS of dollars nationally for the NEA!

In a word, this activity is a form of corruption! Unions have gotten away with it for a long time. It gives them unprecedented power! They know it and use it to THEIR advantage - not the teachers! This is why all teachers should demand the removal of any closed shop wordage in any of their contracts. It would be interesting to see how many teachers would then actually want to join a union - let alone give them money! It would also be interesting to see what would happen to the NEA if this actually happened. Chances are they would collapse under their own weight. And, OMG! Obama wouldn't be getting the BILLION dollar support that he got the first time around!

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