Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Return the Gold Standard

Brief History
For over 180 years the USA used the gold standard to back-up the dollar. People who loaned money to the US could be assured that they would receive return payment in gold, if necessary. This made the US dollar a safe commodity. People all over the world knew that the dollar was a safe "investment."

Then along came the Progressives - namely Woodrow Wilson in the early 1900's. He talked Congress into establishing a national bank called the Federal Reserve. This is a privately owned bank, run by private bankers. In 1913, Congress passed control of our monetary system to them - hook, line, and sinker. And now for just about 100 years the Fed has been in control of America's monetary system.

Founding Fathers (namely Thomas Jefferson) feared that this would happen and warned of the consequences. Nevertheless, it happened. We see today that the Fed does whatever they please because they are not accountable to Congress or the government. This explains how they can raise and lower interest rates, print worthless money, and buy [monetize] our own debt). We don't even know who really runs the Fed (other than Ben Bernanke the Federal Reserve Chairman). For all we know, George Soros may have a piece of the action!

Then in the 1970's, Richard Nixon decided to drop the gold standard completely as an experiment. So we see today how that's working out.

Because of what Congress did in 1913 and Nixon in the 70's, we cannot even audit the Federal Reserve. They are accountable to no one! There is no government control and they remain a privately owned institution. And, of course Obama's perfectly OK with all of this because he is also a Progressive. He wants to destroy the middle class and re-distribute America's wealth because he wants to"Fundamentally Change America."

Quantitave Easing (QE1, QE2, QE...)
Under Bernanke's watchful eye, we have watched as he has systematically de-valued our dollar using what he called "Quantitative Easing (QE1)" which is a fancy phrase for trashing our money! In QE1 & QE2, the Fed has deliberately loaned American dollars to foreign countries with little hopes of getting it back along with printing money in record quantities. The bottom line is that this technique of Financial Management has resulted in the devaluation of the dollar. This in-turn has lead to world-wide inflation because the dollar is the world currency. This explains in part, why food, clothes, and now gasoline prices are shooting through the roof. Thank Ben Bernanke and Obama's Timothy Geithner (Treasury Secretary) for supporting one another!

Reel Them In Again
Since Congress has no courage to attack the Federal Reserve Bank head-on, they should try getting control back in another way. Return the gold standard. This would stabilize the dollar and help nullify the irresponsible behavior of the Fed. The gold standard would also restore confidence among foreign investors. More importantly, it would discourage reckless Federal spending!

Action To Take
Tell Congress to support bringing back the gold standard immediately. AND, tell them to pass a balanced Budget Amendment!

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