Saturday, July 9, 2011

Czar Held Accountable

Obama's Radical Czars
President Obama appointed over 30 "Czars" in his administration without ever having them vetted by the United States Senate. Obama circumvented the usual process and did this HIS way. This is beginning to be detrimental to Obama because Congress is finally waking-up about the character of some of these appointees.

Car Czar Praises Violence
Last year Glenn Beck showed a video of Mr. Bloom praising the Chinese Communist Mao Zedong (a mass murderer and Chinese revolutionary). Obama's car "Czar" Ron Bloom, is also Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury. He denounces Capitalism and shows some other serious anti-American sentiments.

So why was he appointed by Obama? Does Obama share Mr. Bloom's sentiments about America? It's ironic that it took Congress this long to confront Mr. Bloom about his anti-American views and support of murdering Communist regimes and oppressive governments. Here is the confrontation being performed by Congress.

Action To Take
Stop believing the spin coming from the Obama administration about how good the economy is doing and the number of jobs the government has created under Obama. Stop accepting the fact that Obama has surrounded himself with radicals who love Mao. Remember Green Czar Communist Van Jones? Was he also a coincidence?

Don't be fooled again. This isn't a Communist country (yet). Don't let it become one in 2012!

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