Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Most Expensive Jobs Ever

Report Timing
The Obama administration released an important economic report just before the holiday weekend. Remember, you always have to watch both hands of this administration because they're sneaky. The simple reason for the pre-holiday release of information is that it contained BAD news and no one watches the news just before and during a national holiday.

Proof Of Economic Failure
So what did the "Seventh Quarterly Report" contain regarding the Stimulus and its impact on the economy? Not much, except it proves that Obama's Stimulus did very little to stimulate the economy. No, instead, it actually stimulated the national debt big time! This report was written by a group of three hand-picked Obama economists. They point-out that the cost of the jobs that the Stimulus DID create made them the most expensive jobs on the planet! The report states that each job created cost $278,000 per job.

Another way of looking at this information is that if the government would have cut checks for $100,000 for each person employed by the Stimulus, the US taxpayers would have saved $427 BILLION! In other words, they pissed it away BIG TIME instead! Was this deliberate?

The report points-out that even without the Stimulus, the economy would have created or saved more jobs without the Stimulus! In fact, over the last six months, the Stimulus has been working in reverse causing the economy to loose jobs! To be blunt: The Obama Stimulus has undermined the economy's recovery leaving America an additional $666 BILLION more in debt!!

Who Wrote The Stimulus?
It was pointed-out on national TV (Glenn Beck Show) that the Communist linked Apollo Alliance and the Tides Foundation wrote the Stimulus bill. Recall also that these organizations are funded by none other than George Soros.

Questions to Ask
  • Is it any wonder that the Stimulus failed?
  • Why did Obama back this Communist-authored bill?
  • Why did Congress approve a Communist-authored bill?
  • Who's running this country?
  • Is Obama just a puppet on George Soros's string?

Throw Out The Trash
Vote-out all of the "thugs" (including Obama) who supported the Stimulus bill in November 2012.

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