Monday, July 4, 2011

Latest News "Leak" on The Debt Ceiling

Mini-Debt Ceiling Deal in the Works
American voters take WARNING! The news has leaked-out over the 4th weekend that the "Republicans" (RINOS = Republicans in name only) may accept a "mini-deal" with the Obama administration to allow him to continue SPENDING! They are floating this idea over the busy holiday weekend - a time when few pay attention to the news.

Their "mini-deal" will allow Obama to raise the debt ceiling, keep borrowing and spending, so that they can delay the "politically difficult decisions" until AFTER the November 2012 elections! YOU BASTARDS!

Sold-Out for Re-election
We no longer have two distinct political parties. They are BOTH BAD! They are BOTH CORRUPT! Neither cares about us. They prove it every day and with their political bantering and a whopping 18% approval rate. No wonder.

Isn't it interesting how this "mini-deal" announcement was carefully orchestrated to be slipped into the busy weekend when Americans pay little attention to the news. The GOP has decided to postpone making the hard decisions on cutting the budget and spending less until after their upcoming elections. What's the big deal? We'll just borrow more money and let the future generations worry about paying for our malfeasance! No, we don't think so! What are we paying you for? Answer: To lead, and make the right decisions for the country.

Make no mistake, that's what this is REALLY ALL ABOUT! It's not about saving America, it's about getting re-elected! Neither political party gives a care about you! All they care about is themselves! Their greed and corruption come first - at YOUR EXPENSE!

It's important for YOU - fellow citizens, to remember who is responsible for this greedy act. House Speaker John Boehner (R, OH) is leading the way on this effort to perpetuate the national debt. HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE RE-ELECTED! In fact. any politician (in either political party) who supports the extension of the national debt ceiling is guilty of MISCONDUCT! None of them deserve re-election. America is dying a slow death because of lack of leadership. Remember this in November 2012!

Socialist Agenda
You cannot expect a leopard to change his spots. Obama STILL wants to SPEND-SPEND-SPEND and he wants to raise taxes. Gee, that sounds like a serious effort to cut spending, reduce entitlement, and avoid borrowing. He doesn't listen to the American people because Obama has HIS OWN AGENDA to radically and "Fundamentally Change America."

You can't "negotiate" with this "logic". Obama refuses to stop HIS Socialist agenda. We weren't paying attention to his pre-election message. That was OUR fault. Now America is wide-awake and sees the picture.

Save America
Don't give into this guy. He's destroying the very fabric of America a piece at a time. Regulate here, tax there, bailout here, borrow there, punish the rich, and give to the poor. Soon we will all be on the government dole and he will control your lives more like a monarch than a President!

Bring-back America values! Support Tea Party candidates. Refuse to keep rewarding the "Good-Old-Boys" in Washington. Dump the CHUMPS ion 2012! All of them!

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