Sunday, July 3, 2011

Delinquent Vetting Process

Here's yet another reason to distrust Congress. They screwed-up AGAIN! What a surprise!! They've earned the 18% approval rating!!!

Obama's recent Supreme Court appointee (2010) Elena Kagan, gave conflicting testimony during her confirmation hearings to get the job. The House Judiciary Committee is investigating these allegations. Apparently Kagan should recuse herself from ANY court cases involving ObamaCare because she has ties to it when she was serving as Obama's Solicitor General. Until now, it was doubtful that Kagan would do so.

They Also Missed Something Else
While being confirmed, this blog pointed out that Kagan also had close ties to Obama as Solicitor General in blocking all attempts to see or get copies of his birth certificate. If you search the Supreme Court dockets and include "Kagan and "Obama" you would have discovered at least six times that Justice Kagan squelched attempts by individuals trying to access Obama's birth certificate information. It's a matter of public record. Why didn't Congress find this out?

  • Why didn't Congress uncover these facts before Kagan was confirmed? WE DID!
  • Wouldn't this lead to where we are today?
  • Isn't this a conflict of interest?
  • Did she get the Supreme Court position as a pay-off for guarding Obama's personal information?
  • Was there a crime committed here?
  • Was Kagan's appointment a quid-pro-quo?
  • Can Kagan be removed because of her false or misleading testimony under oath?
  • Should she be removed from the bench?

If it walks like a duck... You get the idea. This looks more like what it probably is - another political favor in the form of a kickback. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Unfortunately for the taxpayers, Kagan will be in this position for a lifetime!

Action To Take
Demand that Elena Kagan NOT participate in ANY suits or Supreme Court actions that involve Obama or his administration!

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