Friday, June 29, 2012

More Hidden Taxes

21 Reasons to Repeal It
Are you aware that ObamaCare has 21 new hidden taxes in it? You'd better become aware because the "XHIT" will hit the fan (SHTF) completely in 2012! Please keep in mind that Obama himself is quoted as saying "middle-class families will not see their taxes rise a single dime" with the passage of his health care bill." He LIED and deceived the American public.

These taxes come in the form of surcharges for services, new fee charges, penalties for Cadillac policies, reduced tax-breaks (federal level), and many other increased costs - including raising medical care insurance costs. ObamaCare is TRULY a Trojan Horse. It looks good on the outside, but it's what inside that can kill you! They knew we wouldn't support it if we could read it - so they jammed it down our throats. This was a DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED CONGRESS who did this. Don't blame it on the Tea Party.

What's More
In ObamaCare there are new Medial Boards (DEATH PANELS) which are nothing more than government bureaucrats (not doctors) who will decide how much coverage you can receive and when you will be able to receive it, its they decide you are elligible. This is bad news for seniors and the elderly. Now they will have to wait for treatment and some will die as a result of just waiting! But that's OK, because now everyone is "insured."

Don't forget that the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has revised their projections and they say that ObamaCare is going to cost well over an additional TRILLION in new costs to American taxpayers. That's money that we will have to borrow from China. It's also likely that insurance carriers will drop-out of this business altogether creating a single government class.

But don't worry, Obama said that there won't be ANY increases in your taxes. This is a major power grab by the federal government over YOUR personal life. You will no longer have control over your own medical care and treatment. That's the Socialist way of doing medicine.

Action To Take
Don't let this happen. Vote-out ANYONE in Congress who supported this legislation - including the guy in the White House - Barack Hussein Obama!

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