Monday, June 25, 2012

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Today's Opinions
Here are some of the things on the man-in-the-street that the Corrupt Media never reports:

52% of Americans want the Supreme Court to overturn ObamaCare. Regardless of the propaganda being spewed by Liberals and the White House, most Americans can't stand the idea of the government taking control over their health care. Only 39% oppose a repeal of the law.

36% of Americans favor the Supreme Court and their job performance! That could change this Thursday when they announce their findings on ObamaCare!

66% of Americans say that the government should CUT SPENDING to help the economy. Meanwhile as November rolls around and the Congressional terms come up for re-election, our gutless Congress has done NOTHING to cut government spending. Ohio voters should pay close attention to this because their guy John Boehner (House Speaker) has shown that he is a coward for making cuts and weak at defending the US Constitution.

Only 22% of Americans actually believe that our government has the consent of the governed. In other words, Congress is still not listening and they are doing business as usual. SO why should voters re-elect them? That's the only way citizens have at their disposal to exercise term limits. We can predict that in November, they will continue to re-elect the same deadbeats who have been in office for more than 3-4 terms. THANT'S just PATHETIC!!

Lastly, 51% of Americans believe that the Federal Government is a threat to their rights! This says a lot about the current administration and the direction and policies that it encourages.

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