Saturday, June 30, 2012

What Was He Thinking?

Bad Decision?
When John Roberts decided to validate the government's law to force you into buying something you don't want, what the Hell was he thinking? This sets a real bad precident for more Big Government take-overs of power and of YOUR lives.

Goodbye personal freedoms and liberties.

Bright Note
One bright note came from his decision; It turned on the "light bulb" in a lot of American's heads. They are now getting the picture. People are beginning to realize that they MUST become active and take part in changing their government. We can no longer elect someone and then let the government run on autopilot. It's time to stop that and people are realizing that they cannot be complacent any longer.

There is now a movement in America. It's like the small snowball at the top of the hill. As it rolls down, it grows in size and gains momentum and power. That's what the SOTUS decision did for us. It's not all bad, and now we realize that it's up to US to implement CHANGE in order to "FIX" America.

So do it! Tell friends, neighbors and any like-minded persons that they now have a big responsibility to their country. They need to show that they CARE about America by participating in saving America. Don't let Obama continue with HIS destructive plan. Bring-back ours!

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