Sunday, June 24, 2012

Obsession or Psychosis?

Mr. Money Raiser
We have a President who is going around raising money for re-election giving speeches to a variety of audiences at a variety of functions. He uses Air Force 1 under the pretext of these things being Presidential business. That way the American public picks up the tab for the jet fuel, and the President's entourage. Nice!

Photo IDs Required
Recall that the President has ordered his LYING Attorney General (AG)  Eric Holder to sue several states when they inconvenience voters making them show some sort of photo identification. We all know that this procedure helps eliminate voter fraud, but Obama actually encourages it so that he can get more votes from ILLEGALS or from people who are listed as "DEAD."  Showing a photo ID is a Political Correctness "Boo Boo." It helps stamp-out ILLEGAL/Unlawful voters and keeps elections more honest. Of course, Obama is against this action. He'll take votes any way he can get them - even from dead people! But it's OK to card people when they purchase prescription drugs! Go figure...

So at a recent rally, Obama requested that the Secret Service demand a photo ID from anyone seeking admission. This is no JOKE. "No tickie - no washie." If you didn't have a valid government photographic Identification with you, you were not allowed to enter or hear his speech. Are you confused by this action? It's just the opposite of what he's telling the AG to do!

Paranoid Much?
This was not just an isolated incident. Obama has demonstrated that he truly IS paranoid because he repeated this same type of behavior at a fund-raising dinner recently where the audience was a group of Latino businessmen. Immediately after dinner, Obama directed the Secret Service to collect and remove all forks frrm the guests. Was he afraid that someone would use a fork to stab him? God only knows!

Listen Up
We now see the pattern. No forks at dinners, but you are required to show a government photo ID at rallies. Well now, shouldn't Obama be ordering Eric Holder to sue the President himself for disobeying HIS OWN Political Correctness (PC) policies?

Will Liberal Progressives ever understand the basics of LOGIC?
...And they say that WE'RE the STUPID ONES!

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